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Feeling powerless to control the changes happening to your body?

Changes in your sleep that are impacting your mood?

Unexpected pelvic floor and incontinence issues?

Exercise and diet don't work like they used to?

Physio Support During Menopause

Half the population will go through menopause, the hormonal change is inevitable, but how you respond and seek help for your issues can be a game-changer for your happiness and wellbeing.

We want menopause to be a transition into the next phase of life and seen as part of healthy ageing rather than a hormone deficiency but understand the barriers to seeking help, especially the stigma associated with hormonal, emotional and pelvic health symptoms.

Many of us working in the women's health space over the last 10 years have revolutionised the way we treat pregnant and postpartum women, and many of us have now turned our attention to working with women in menopause because we realised this is the next key area in life that women are - yet again - under serviced.

We also appreciate that you didn't have access to these services when you were going through pregnancy and birth, but we are here for you now!

A change in hormone levels effect both emotional, musculoskeletal, and pelvic health so Women's Health physios are very well placed to be able to help you on all accounts. When it comes to pelvic health, there's nothing you could discuss in relation to bladder, bowels or sexual function that could faze us in sessions and in fact, many of us have devoted our careers to working in this space and helping women with their health and wellbeing through the life stages.

We have good local working relationships with GP’s, gynaecologists, sexologists, naturopaths, dieticians, exercise professionals and psychologists. So whilst we are a primary contact and a place for you to start your journey to thriving, if that's not directly through physiotherapy, we will point you in the right direction of the professionals who can help.

Come into our safe space and unload your concerns. We promise you'll feel heard, supported and validated and we'll make a plan to work with you.

Remember, menopause is a natural phase of life, and with the right support and resources, you can navigate through it with confidence and vitality.

For personalised guidance and support, book in with one of our experienced physios today!

Thrive Through Menopause - Free Resource Guide

We've pulled together best information, resources, and practical advice to help you not just survive, but thrive throughout menopause. Download our free guide today for practical tips on how to manage symptoms, and where the role of physio comes in.

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